Monday, November 25, 2013

Be Strong Little Root!

Ok.  This one kind of made me smile.  I have to admit that I am not even sure where I am going with this one.  I was lying in bed this morning.  I was trying to gather the strength to face another day.  As I am lying there I was reminded of a scene from the movie "Black Sheep"  Chris Farley is walking through the woods when he fall down a very steep hill.  He tumbles over and over again.  As he is falling down the hill he manages to grab hold of a tiny little tree that has grown into the hillside.  It is a silly scene.  He is hanging onto this little tree, and he can see that the hill continues down below him.  He says to the tree, "be strong little root".  Of course if you have seen the movie or a picture of the late actor, then you already know that the little root just did not have the strength to hold him for very long.  The root releases from the soil and he continues his tumble-down the hill.

I realize that this is a ridiculous picture, but I think there is some truth that we can glean from it.  How often in life are we clinging to failing roots?  Perhaps there is a relationship that you cling to.  One that you believe will be able to give your life real meaning.  Maybe you cling to the opinions of others.  Do you take questions that only God can answer for you to the people around you?  Hobbies, careers, financial security, we use all these things to attempt to gain a foothold as we tumble endlessly toward our own demise.  God wants to establish you.  He desires to plant you.  The 23rd Psalm says that he leads me by still waters.  I would say that not only does he lead you by those still waters, but he wants to plant them next to those same waters.  Those still waters are his character.  He wants you to be plant near his character and nourished by the cool water of who he is.  If you would allow him to plant him, then you will set down your own roots.  When you have been planted next to the water of the heart of God, then you will grow to be a mighty oak.  When the troubles and storms of life come, then you will not be moved.  He will be able to establish you in his love.  When everything around you seems to be failing, you will remain.

Stop clinging to those little roots.  Those roots don't necessarily have to be a bad thing.  They could be anything that you rely on to give you strength apart from God.  Let go of those roots and allow God to establish you near his character.  Grow your own roots.  You have had it in you all along.  God has given you everything that you will need to be your best in him.  If you attempt to become your best apart from him then you will never truly accomplish all the great things that he has for you.  You will be just like Chris Farley, hanging onto something other than God.  Clinging to something that seems pathetic in comparison to the awesomeness of God.  Cling to God and he will give you all the roots you will need to weather all the mishaps of life.

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