Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If You Only Knew Me...

I have been listening to sermons from Matt Chandler.  If you haven't heard of him, then you should google him.  He is phenomenal Bible teacher.  He is the Pastor of the Village Church in Dallas, TX.

In one of his recent sermons he mentioned a concept that I have just fallen in love with.  "Being fully known and delighted in."  That is how God looks at us.  He knows every one of our dirty secrets.  He knows all of our secrets.  He knows every intimate detail of our lives, and yet he is delighted in us.  I am not sure I can wrap my head around that, but that is the truth.  We don't need to put on a show for God.  A man or woman after his heart is a person that is just completely honest about themselves.  They never try to pretend to be something that they are not.  They can admit their own shortcomings.  If people could just grab a hold of that it would turn the world and even the Church upside down.

When we were reconciled to God, then we were also reconciled to our fellow-man.  I am not sure that were intentional enough with this in our everyday dealings.  I remember when I was going to Bible school.  I felt like I was hiding.  I had these thoughts lurking in the back of my mind.  If these people knew who I really was and what I am hiding they would run me out of here in a heartbeat.  It doesn't have to be like that.  If God has fully known us and we are delighted in by him, then that means that no one elses opinion matters.  What are we hiding from?  When we come together as Christians then we should seek to be fully known by our brothers and sisters, and to be delighted in.  We don't need to put on a show.  We can have genuineness that most people just can't fathom.  We are free to admit our failings and weaknesses.  We sit surround with others who are in a similar situation.  They are fallen.  They are weak.  They fail everyday, just like us.  It is freeing to not have to keep all those secrets hidden.  You no longer have to worry about being exposed.  What could they possibly expose that they haven't also committed themselves?  If it is too much for them, then they probably are having issues all their own.  That is completely fine.  We can't expect everyone to reach the same point at the same time.  Faith is a journey.  We all start at the same point, but it doesn't mean that we all necessarily take the same path.  One persons path may be a straight path, while another's is full of detours, and just getting lost.  We have to take people as the are.  God takes them where they are.  We should seek to know them fully so that we can get them back on track, and they can help to keep us on path too.

So, if you feel you have really made a mess of things remember what God has decided about you.  You have been fully known by him.  There is nothing that you can hide from him.  All the skeletons in the your closet our exposed to him.  In spite of all that he delights in you.  He desires that his people would be able to fully know you, and they could delight in you also.


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