Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Still Only An $8 Dollar Steak #ChristianBlogger

Ok, so I have been thinking about this one time that I went to lunch with some friends from work.  We went to Applebees.  I remember the one woman ordered a steak.  She sent it back to the kitchen at least twice.  It just wasn't quite how she wanted it to be.  I remember one of the people at the table told her that the thing about ordering an $8 steak is that you usually end up getting an $8 steak.  It is a simple thing to say, but it is really something to think about.  Have you ever spent a fortune on a steak?  That steak comes out and it smells great.  As you cut into it, the juices coming spilling out onto the plate.  The color of the steak is just perfect.  A really good steak, you can almost cut with a butter knife.  The meat is so tender.  It is nothing like an $8 steak.  I remember one time I ordered a steak at the IHOP, and it came to the table.  That steak was just like you would expect any steak at IHOP to be.  You just can't replace the experience of a perfect steak, with an $8 steak.

Do you ever think that we do that in our lives?  I can think of so many times in my life when God wanted something great for me, and I just settled for the $8 steak.  We convince ourselves that this is right, this is what God has for me.  It is not even close.  God wants the greatest for all of his children.  We will never find true fulfillment apart from him.  He has placed boundaries around us.  He doesn't do it to be cruel.  He does it because the devil is roaming about, seeking those whom he may devour.  He does all of it for our own good.  Just like a loving father protects his children.  He has something for us.  We just have to be willing to let go of that $8 steak to grasp hold of the good thing that he has for us.

What are you clinging to?  What have refused to let go of, because you just can't understand why God would want you to give it up?  I am telling you that it feels like the most amazing thing, but that is only because you have never had the real thing.  If the only steak you have ever had is an $8 steak, then you wouldn't know what you are missing.  Just let it go.  Let go of what is holding you back from having all the goodness that God has for you.  He is not going to ask you to give up something that is fulfilling to you, and not replace it with something that will meet that need and more.  We have to stop settling for counterfeits, when God has a real and true treasure to give us.

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