Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gospel of John 2:1-12

This passage tells the story of the Wedding at Cana.  Jesus is with his mother at a wedding.  The host runs out of wine, and Mary comes to Jesus.  Jesus tells her that it is not yet his time.  However, he tells the servants to fill pitchers up with water.  When they do then the water becomes wine.  The fact that his mother brings this problem to her son, shows that she knows who he is.  It is interesting that he says that it is not his time, but he goes ahead and performs the miracle.  This speaks to his authority.  Even though it was not yet his time, he had the prerogative to act anyway.  I think that it is awesome what the wedding guests say.  They say that a host will usual save the cheaper wine for when everyone is a little tipsy.  Instead this host has saved the best wine for last.  Jesus didn't just perform a miracle.  He went over and above.  He performed a perfect miracle.  This wine was better than anyone at the wedding was expecting.  I think that is an important thing to remember.  When we are expecting a miracle from God, he is going to go over and above what we ask him.  Maybe, the answer won't be what we had expected, but it will be so much greater.  When we see our miracle we will say the same thing.  He has saved the best for last!

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