Monday, January 20, 2014

Rend My Heart #GodIsMyHope

I had time and time again,

Sat among the ruins,

Of a broken and failed life.

I had taken a razor,

Shave my head,

And cast ashes upon my head.

As I sat in a sty of my own making.

I had torn my garments,

From the top to the bottom.

When the struggle had passed,

I had quickly forgotten you.

And then at once I saw,

You seated at the right hand.

Your brillance caused me to shield my eyes

Your hands and feet bore the scars of my shame.

You spoke,

In tenderness, you said my name.

Your words like a razor to my heart.

Your mercy turning my pride to ashes.

Your perfection tore my heart.

I was naked and revealed.

In your comforting pressence,

I could feel no shame.

You touched me, and reached me,

In places I had kept to myself.

Like removing a bandage,

You exposed my darkness.

I no longer had,

A word to speak in my defense.

I was undone and speechless.

You circumcised my heart.

I was lost in your shadow.

Your greatness swallowed me up.

With empty hands I stood,

On shaking and wobbly knees.

With a breath from your mouth,

I was cast upon my face.

How could I dare to stand?

Before a king so just,

A king so perfect.

In all my wickedness,

When I had tried to claim,

Your throne as mine.

With pierced hands you,

Reached out for me.

You cast your gaze upon me.

You commanded that I should rise.

You embraced me.

A feeling that both,

Burned un my soul,

And felt as a cooling breeze,

Deep within my heart.

I could not and did not,

Feel the depth of your love,

'Till I understood how little I deserved it.

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