Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review - Chris Juday Grace Church Sapporo Vol. 1 @skinnydork

I would like to take a moment and give you a few of my thoughts on this album.  Chris Juday lives in Japan.  He writes music to reach the Japanese people with the message of Christ.  This album is available in English as well as in Japanese.  It is a mellow and smooth sound.  The vocals are very powerful most of time.  There are a few moments when the vocals lack a little strength.  The accompanying music is pretty good.  There are a couple of points when the music seems a little simple.  I enjoyed the positive and biblical message of the lyrics.  I especially like the song "We've Got A Wedding".  All of the songs have a smooth sound.  It would be nice to add a little something to liven up the album.  The music is played very well, however there are a couple of times that you here the guitarist fingers working the frets.  It is a little distracting.

There are a couple of things that could use a little work.  I would recommend this music to friends.  It is a great sound.  It is a great story.  Here is a guy living out the great commission in Japan.  How exciting.  At the end of the English version are two songs in Japanese.  I have no idea what he is saying, but the sound is great.  The are great songs.  If I had to rate this album I would give it 3 stars.  It has a few flaws, but it has great vocals, good music, and inspiring lyrics.  You can check it out at chrisjuday.bandcamp.com . You can also follow him on twitter @skinnydork .  I hope you will take a moment to listen to what he has, and see for yourself.

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