Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Gospel of John 4:31-38 #JesusisLord

Ok.  In the middle of the last story I talked about, the disciples return from looking for food.  They are trying to convince Jesus to eat something.  He looks at them and says, "I have food that you know nothing about".  I can imagine one of them in the back mumbling, then why did we just go looking for food.  Where did he get food?  They actually ask him if someone had brought him some food while they were gone.  His answer is awesome.  He says that his nourishment comes from doing God's will.

He compares his mission to the process of planting and harvesting.  He says the fields are ripe for the harvest.  He tells his disciples that one person plants, and then another harvests.  Both the planter and the harvest will have joy.  He tells them that he is sending them into fields that they did not plant.  God had been planting his word in the hearts of the people through the Jews for centuries.  He is now going to send the disciples into those fields to tell the rest of the story and bring them to God.  The rest of the story is all they will learn from Jesus.  The things that they will see and do in the next few years is going to prepare them for the harvest.  Jesus is preparing his disciples to take him to the world.

We ought to think about planting and harvesting.  You may have a friend that has never heard the gospel.  You may also have a friend that has heard but they haven't really put their trust in God.  We can't afford to get to caught up in the harvest, that we forget to plant.  It could be that the friend that sees Christ in you is not prepared to surrender to God.  Don't be discouraged if they don't surrender right away.  It could be that you are planting for someone else to harvest.  Many people may have to be told the Good News many times, before God can really get a hold of their heart.  Jesus tells us that there is great joy for the planter and the harvester.  Isn't that true?  Have you had a friend that you share the good news with that did not accept it. and then you found out some time later that God had got a hold of their heart?  Is there not just as much joy in your heart, than if you had been the one to pray with them?

Sometimes in life you will feel completely drained.  Sometimes this life is incredibly difficult.  Where are you finding your nourishment in those times?  We need to follow Jesus' example.  Find your nourishment in him.  Find your nourishment in doing the will of God.  He will sustain you.  There is no where you will find great nourishment, than from God.  He has told you simply to ask him for whatever you may need.  Do you need courage?  Ask him.  Do you need strength?  Ask him.  He will give you everything that you need to do his will!  He is a gracious and loving father!  Take advantage of everything that he is eagerly waiting to give you!

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