Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Gospel Of John 4:43-54 #JesusisLord

So, Jesus is returning to Galilee.  He arrives in Cana.  If you will remember from before, that is where he turned the water into wine.  An official from a nearby village comes to meet Jesus.  He has come from the village to plead with Jesus to come to Capernaum with him to heal his son.  His son is very ill and he is afraid he may die.  Jesus kind of rebukes the man.  It is kind of interesting.  He asks him if he will ever believe without seeing miracles.  I find it interesting that Jesus would say that to this man.  Jesus being God would have known the man's heart.  I can not know that.  I just find it strange.  If this man has come all the way to find Jesus, then I would think they he believed.  Jesus tells the man to go home, and that his son will live.  When he gets home, he finds his son is well.  His son had been healed at the same time that he had spoken to Jesus.

Do you need to see a miracle to believe?  What is really a miracle to you?  I think we over look miracles everyday.  People trapped in addiction rescued by the grace of God.  Families returned from the brink of disaster through prayer and faith.  Prodigal children that return to the faith of their parents.  I think all these are miracles.  Sometimes, we think that God doesn't work that way anymore.  I just think we are being a little short-sighted.  We like to credit men rather than God.  It was some special program that rescued that addict.  It was a book and pastoral counseling that managed to save that family.  We shouldn't take away credit from God.  He is working miracles everyday, but we trust so much in our own limited perspective that we never see them.  God can never change.  If he has worked miracles in the past, then he is working them today.  I wouldn't say that we are called to believe without seeing miracles.  I would say that we should take the time to step back and appreciate the miracles that we see everyday, and credit to something other than the power of God.  The greatest miracle is that sinners can approach the throne of a Holy and powerful God with boldness.  Imagine just walking right up to the President of United States and introducing yourself.  Now, multiply that by like a trillion.  That is the amazing miracle of our restoration through Christ!


  1. Thanks for sharing your inspirational thoughts on this verse. May the peace and love of Christ be with you, Brother.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it. God Bless!