Friday, January 31, 2014

Was It Not You? #JesusisLord

was it not you who at first kindled

that first deep burning within my soul

with gentle whispers revealed my wickedness while

with great fire and fury you revealed your holiness

Was it not you who chose what of your immense

character; I should be best able to endure it's revealing

for all that you are would with crushing weight

bear down upon a fallen soul such as I

so in gentleness you reveal a tiny morsel at a time

you give a greater and great bit of all you are

with each a larger and expansive revelation I find myself

less prepared and less able to stand before

someone so much greater than I

for even words fail to truly grasp or entail

all my weakness eclipsed in all your greatness

as a flea I stand before the majestic elephant

as I a sinner crouch in the shadow of your throne

was it not you who beckoned after me

when in my youth i strayed from that safety and love

that which you have so richly provided for one such as I

was it not you who has never cease to seek

that deep inset heart of my heart

and sought endlessly my breathless devotion

that deep held dependence on every bit and whole

of your character as you have once revealed

what contempt and vanity shown I to you

when I have uttered with careless thoughtless tongue

that I a weak and fallen creature had come to you

or give to you graciously anything not already yours

for when at last I relented and ceded to you

it was you and not one such as I

who had moved the greater distance

for to come to you I needed not

and altar call or some determined choice of will

I needed but to fall at once into

the arms of one who travelled

the greater distance between his heart and mine

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