Monday, February 24, 2014

Book Review: It's A God Thing Dr. Charles Roesel

Dr. Charles L. RosselIts a God Thing

I would like to say that the publisher provided me a complimentary of this book, in order to provide a review.

Ok.  How should Christians interact with all the hurt and misery that they see in our world today?  This is an important question that is addressed in this book.  Jesus had an extensive ministry to the down trodden and hurting during his time on Earth.  If we are to be like him, then what should our ministry to the hurting look like.  Dr. Roesel was pastor of a church that had a multitude of ministries to hurt people in their community.  How do Christian ministries look different from secular ministries or even more liberal Christian ministries?  Some time ago, some churches adopted the idea of a Social Gospel.  It was a lot of help for hurting people, but lack the power of the Gospel of Jesus.  Dr. Roesel uses the term Ministry Evangelism to describe his particular approach to the hurting.  In his book, he lays out the failings of the Social Gospel, and then lays out a plan that addresses people's human needs without ignoring their eternal need for the salvation of Christ.  I found this to be an especially challenging book.  I think at times I get all wrapped up in all that God has done for me, and I tend to ignore all that he wants to do for those around me.  Even when people make the worst decisions and find themselves in the worst places, God is willing and able to reach them there.  We have been greatly blessed, and God would have us reach out the those same despised people that he would have ministered to.  This book is a very easy read.  He takes a simple approach.  The author explains the call to Ministry Evangelism, and then explains the differences between his approach and the Social Gospel.  If you are a Church leader, then this book should serve as a challenge for your own congregation.  If you are a lay person, then perhaps this can be the call of God for you to reach out personally.  Jesus said that in order to be great in his Kingdom that we must come a slave to all.  This is a practical book that puts flesh on that statement of Christ.  I especially like in the end of the book when the author gives practical examples of ministries that Christian Churches can use to impact their communities.  The sad part is that if we don't meet these needs, then someone else will.  Do we want others to fill these temporary needs and to leave the eternal needs of these hurting people unaddressed?  You can order this book from Amazon.  I will provide a direct link below.  I would challenge you to read this book, and then ask God where he would like you to serve the hurting around you.

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