Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eagle's Wings

I've found my eagle's wings

'Neath a cloak of shame

A hairshirt not all mine to wear

Crippled by the weight I was

Never meant to carry

Shame for wrongs I had not all done

Pushed and pulled to and fro

Stepping back I'm breathing easier

Like a gentle breeze

The clouds have lifted

Feeling the warm sun light

On my face and feeling

A sweet breeze upon my face

Trapped in the borderline

Between what was

and what could never be

I take flight

No fear like Icarus

From wings constructed of pride

But of a silent strength

I'd been convinced I never had

The freedom is so much

More than I could have anticipated

From the Aerie constructed

In a dark dismal swamp

To one constructed high

Among the rocks of some

Noble and imposing cliff

From high above the valley

I see from whence I came

And all the pitfalls set

A no-win situation

This game has been rigged

All along I could never win

So I am finished playing

And that releases my soul

To soar

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