Monday, February 10, 2014

Into The Color

As I sit in

Stark black and white

Like all brightness and color

Had been sucked to some

Other time or other place

Some place I longed to see

But in that dark state

I doubt to believe

It even exists

The suffocating overcast

And like Lewis' bus stop

One can never tell

If it has just stopped raining

Or the rain is about to begin

I had lived so long

In such a way

I had forgotten all the

Colors and shades and hues

With this great breeze

The clouds part

And like Dorothy in Oz

My life explodes in color

Vibrant and alive

Every color, shade, and hue

Such an intense overwhelming

Wave spreads in my life

And takes my breath away

I came to believe

That I should never see

All the colors of the rainbow

Ever again

But at last

I have broken free

Of that dark gray world

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