Monday, February 10, 2014

Mt. Carmel

What was that great prayer

Cast to you from

High atop Mt. Carmel

What power contained

In those words

Altar drowned in water

Ignited and consumed in fire

By that great prayer

In Your great name

One great show of force

To humble the wicked

How I wish for such as this

Ignite those altars

Among your people

Those altars not made

Of Stone

Show your Shekinah

In that most holy place

Rend the veil

That all may see

Your Shekinah

In ages past that presence

Dwelt between golden cherub

Through the power

Of that precious blood

Of the Lamb of God

That great Lion of Judah

That presence no longer

Dwells in that holy place

Made and formed with stone

You have made the most holy place

In that desperately wicked place

In the human heart

Bring your great Shekinah

To this great holy place

Ignite our hearts

Like the altar of Elijah

High atop Mt. Carmel

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