Sunday, February 9, 2014

NEVER Hang up! #GodIsMyHope

I grew up in Church, and I went to Christian college.  If you were to ask me anything about the Bible I would definately been able to give you an answer.  There has been so much of the Bible that I knew backward and forward, but I never really got it.  I understood what it said, but as far as feeling a moving in my life, it was just not there.  There is so much of the Bible that I feel in my life.  The Bible says the Word of God can cut through to the bone.  I have all of that in a new and such a real way in the last few months of my life.  I never knew the deeper and higher meaning of the words until I had lived it.  I wrote before about how God had really shown me what James meant when he talked about joy in suffering.  I get that in such a real way now.  The Apostle Paul instructed us to pray without ceasing.  That is such a strange thing to say.  If you think about prayer as those times when you are kneeling and folding your hands, then it is difficult to think about getting anything done if all you are doing is praying.  I would have say that I missed something by looking at it that way.  First, we err when we think of prayer as communicating with a distant God.  That is not at all what prayer really is.  When we become Christian we are filled with the Holy Spirit.  Prayer is that deepest part of yourself communicating to the Holy Spirit that is present in you.  It is a close and intimate connection.  Don't think for a minute that this is some sort of a long distance call.  God is right there and waiting.  Second, prayer is not always those times when you are kneeling.  Prayer can be those time when you are in so much anguish that you don't even know what to say.  Paul says that the Holy Spirit is able to turn that anguish into prayers.  When you find yourself finding it hard to even breath, then the Holy Spirit is hearing those cries of desperation and lifting them up to the Father.  It is such an amazing thing that when you don't know what to even pray, that God knows.  I have found myself in a constant state of prayer over the last few months.  It is amazing thing to know that you are never alone.  When I feel myself overwhelmed with the struggles I am going through, I can just let God know that is his to deal with.  I am released of that stress and worry.  I cast those on Jesus.  I pray as I am driving home.  I pray when I am lying in bed and I can not fall asleep.  I pray at work.  I pray when I am with my kids.  I pray when I am in worship and the words of the song we are singing speak to my heart and my deepest need.  The difference between this state of continual prayer as I have experienced it, and what most people think of as prayer is that I never say amen.  Think of it as leaving the receiver off the hook.  I just never hang up.  Think about how silly it would be to hang up.  How long will you go before you find yourself in desperate need of God's peace.  You shouldn't think of God as being only a prayer away, because he is right there.  I never hang up on God.  I may utter a pray in the car that I have to continue when I get to work.  Maybe I pray for God to take a pain away in my bed at night, and then the enemy brings it back to me in the shower.  I find myself continually speaking to God throughout my day.  You will never know that peace that comes from just never hanging up the receiver with God.  It is life altering!

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