Monday, February 10, 2014

The Dunes

I remember as a child

Exploring the shores

Of Lake Michigan

The dunes rising opposite

That great blue expanse

As I climb the tall dune

To grasp just a moment

That panorama of blue

The sand is soft against my feet

As I step to climb

The sand slips and slides

All my effort and struggle

Has led me no closer

The summit of that lofty dune

Trapped at the bottom

That dune looms large

In my imagination

Is this where I

Should be trapped to stay

Shall I remain beneath

That higher viewpoint

From which I may grasp

The wider and brighter

Way of my future

The trick when climbing

Those great dunes

Upon the great majestic shore

Those trails most walked

Harbor the loosest sand

And is the most challenging

In which to climb

From shore to sky

To pass from low to high

It is sometimes needed

To step to the left or right

To make a path your own

In your ascent

And avoid the loose sand

Of that well worn path

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