Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Gospel Of John 6:16-21


So the disciples have seen Jesus feed 5000 with a small lunch.  They go down to their boat.  They are waiting by the shore for Jesus to join them.  At some point, they decide to leave Jesus behind.  I am not sure what is crazier.  That one of the twelve decided that they should leave Jesus, or that the other 11 agreed with him.  It may be that they haven't quite begun to understand exactly who Jesus is.  It has to be obvious that he is someone special, but whether or not they know he is God incarnate, I doubt they understand.  We can only laugh at the whole idea of leaving the Son of God alone on the seashore for a moment.  If we are honest we often leave Jesus.  There is so much that he asks us to join him in.  We may get over-enthused or perhaps disregard him.  We run full steam into things .  We get into a real mess, and we wonder why.  That is exactly what happens here.  The disciples take off without Jesus.  As they are crossing the sea, a storm comes up.  They become frightened at the power of the storm.  As they are in the middle of the sea, they see a ghost approaching them.  Well at least they think it is a ghost.  Imagine being in the middle of the sea, and seeing a figure coming across the water.  As if they weren't scared enough, and then they think a ghost is coming toward them.  Right when they reach the peak of their fear.  When their situation looks like it couldn't get any worse, Jesus calls out to them.  "Don't be afraid I am here with you."  That is how it happens with us sometimes.  We run out without Jesus.  We leave him on the shore, and run off into our own thing.  When we have made a complete mess of our situation, Jesus comes out to us.  He meets us where we are.  When we have made a mess of our situation, and God comes, we learn just what an amazing God we have.  He meets us exactly where we are.  I like the next verse.  It says in the NLT, that they were eager to let him in the boat.  I would say that they got their eagerness in the wrong places.  Had they not been so eager to leave Jesus on the shore, then they wouldn't need to be so eager to let him in the boat now.  I know we will never avoid all the trials of life, but if we wouldn't be so eager to do things on our own, wouldn't we save ourselves a lot of grief?  We have a God, who desires that he be everything to us.  He wishes to be our sustainer.  He wants nothing more that for us to be full dependent on him.  Why do we insist on relying on our own power?  Don't leave Jesus on the shore, but don't worry if you have because he will always come to you and offer his loving grace!

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