Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Gospel Of John 6:22-27 #JesusisGod

This is a really interesting section.  I have been using the divisions placed in the text by the Bible publisher.  However, there is so much in this section that I thought I should break it up a little more.  So, Jesus has fed 5000 and walked on the water.  He is sought out by the people from the previous miracle.  When they find him, Jesus kind of challenges them.  I find it interesting that he has been followed by people throughout his ministry thus far.  I wonder why it is that he challenges these people and not the others.  He would know their hearts, and I am sure that is why he challenges them.

So the people manage to track down Jesus.  When they greet him, Jesus tells them that they have only come to be fed.  He tells them that they haven't understood his miracles.  They have only come to be fed by Jesus.  They are spending so much time concentrating on the food that Jesus could provide that they have missed the power of his teaching.  There is something more to what Jesus is teaching them, then what he can do for them.  If they were to take the time to understand the power of the miracles he has done, then they would no longer be asking for anything from hin.  Jesus has not done any miracles just to do them.  He is very deliberate.  Every miracle he has done is to reveal who he is.  As we will see later in this section, there is a reason that he fed these people.  There will be a connection from Jesus to Moses.  For whatever reason, Jesus sees in the heart of these people that they are not understanding what he is trying to teach them.  He tells them that they are spending too much time seeking the temporary things of this world, rather than to seek the eternal things that he can give them.  He wants to readjust their focus.  Stop looking around and look at me, that is what Jesus is trying to tell them.  He claims the seal of approval of God the Father.  He is making some extremely powerful statements.  He has claimed to offer eternal life from the Father, and he is now claiming to have the seal of the Father.  Christ means "the annointed one".  Jesus has not only the seal of the Father, but the annointing.  It goes further than that.  He is very God of God.  He is God in the flesh.  This crowd is too concerned about what they will eat for lunch to understand what he is trying to show them.  You have to believe he is just a little saddened that their hearts are so hard.

I think that we are in this same group of people so often.  We spend so much time thinking about all the blessings that God can give us in this world that we lose track of all that he is dying to give us in the next.  Do we truly understand the miracles?  Or are we just looking for lunch?  There is more to this life, than what God can do for us.  When we come to that point where we truly see what God has revealed, then I am certain we stop asking for stuff.  Everything that we receive we are thankful for.  We become more concerned about what we can give to him, and not so much what he can do for us.  We need to stop spending all of our time looking for the temporary things of this world, and start looking for the eternal things that he wants to give us.  Instead of having our hands out, we should hold our hands up to him.