Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Few Poems To Share

Well I went through some of my stuff today.  I am trying to get a little organized.  I stumbled upon some poems I wrote a while ago.  I thought I would share them in one post.  I hope you enjoy.  If you do enjoy them, then please share!

This is one I wrote a while back.  As I was healing and moving forward with my life.


When I thought

When I thought

I hadn't a tear left to cry

They came rushing back

As my heart struggles

To say goodbye

Locked in a prison

Of my own design

The bars that I've fashioned

Haunt me

Each one made

Of your disappointment

I cling to those

Moments when I saw you smile

Filled with regret

I hope once more

To hear you whisper my name

There are the things that

I will have to live with

The things running through my mind

Oh how I wish I could be

All that you want and need


Here is a short one I found scratched next to some doodle I had drawn.


To Sit

To sit

To stare

To grasp for just

A whiff of fresh air

Smog choked

And sulfur stained


Here are a couple of poems that I wrote shortly after my return from Iraq. 


In Your Stead

As the sunsets

The heat of the day rises

From the souls and spirits

Of those who stand

In your stead

In gratitude

You second guess

And question

Motives and intellect

Gratitude split

And died dark crimson

The breeze blows

And tumbles

Like a millon reeds

Before hardship

The bitter winter

Bites harder and

You question why

Your cold heart

Ices deeply over

And without remorse

Embraces freedom once more

While noble men stand guard

In your riducule


This last one is a poem I wrote as the excitement of being home had worn out and I had to go back to my regular life.



None of it really matters

I return to be but a man

The excited cheers and grateful hugs

Have faded into the darkness

I stand in my own shadow

Fearing the pending break of day

When I shall stand exposed

Laid open and bare


Well I hope you enjoyed them.  If not, then keep it to yourself.  My ego is fragile.  Just kidding.  God Bless!

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