Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Review: Dying to Grow Nathan Lorick @LifeSentencePub

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Alright, let me start by getting the legal stuff out-of-the-way.  I was provided a complimentary copy of this title, in order to provide a review.

As we see churches growing larger and larger, we should be excited right?  I agree with the author of "Dying To Grow".  Larger doesn't necessarily mean better.  If you believe that Church exists to bring the lost to Christ, then church growth is only good growth, when it consists of new converts.  If we are only moving from congregation to congregation, then we are not really growing the church.  The author expresses a bit of a frustration with Pastors that will make church growth their first priority.  That is just not the right way to look at things.  Jesus said if he was lifted up that he would draw all men onto himself.  Churches should focus on lifting up Christ first.  God will take care about the growth.  He points out that the growth may not be as fast as pastors may like, but it will be the good growth of lost souls coming to Jesus.  Churches need to be intentional about their Gospel focus.  What he really lays out in this book is a cultural change.  This is an excellent book for a pastor to move his church toward an outward focus for growth.  He dispels a lot of myths that pastor may believe about their Churches.  He also gives advice on how to approach and deal with people who may not necessarily catch the pastor's vision.  When looking at the ministry of the local church, you have to ask yourself, for what reason does it exist.  Does it exist for the benefit for believers, or should it serve as a lighthouse in a lost and dying world?  I would agree with the author that the main purpose of the church is to take the gospel to people in desperate need of a Saviour.  Churches and Pastors need to be intentional and focused on this goal.  This book provides valuable tips and advice to make that cultural change in the local church.

In order to make it easier to find and purchase this book, I have place a link below.  Happy Reading!

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