Friday, March 7, 2014

Lent Day #4 - Mark 1:21-45 #Lent2014

This post is one in a series of reflections for Lent.  I invite you to go back and read the previous reflections.

Jesus has just called Peter and Andrew.  This is the beginning of a ministry that will change the world.  We see Jesus going into the synagogue to begin his ministry.  His ministry is a ministry that is different from any other in the history of the world.  This is something completely different.  The people comment about the authority with which Jesus begins to teach.  The people are amazed that he doesn't teach as a teacher of the law, but as someone who has authority.  As he is teaching, a man possessed by an evil spirit cried out.  The spirit that is in with him cry out to Jesus.  The spirit has a fear of this new teacher, and this new teaching.  They fear their own destruction by this new teacher.  Earlier we had the testimony of the Father as to the identity of this new teacher, and now we have the testimony of these evil spirits.  They recognize Jesus as the Holy One of God.  His is to be a ministry that will disrupt and destroy the plans of the wicked.  No longer will these demons have free reign on Earth.  Someone greater has come to arrest their schemes.  Jesus demonstrates his power over evil when he commands the evil spirits to silence.  These evil spirits obey him.  The people are amazed by this new teaching, and especially this new teacher.  Jesus has this great power to amaze men.  We see Jesus returning to solitude for prayer.  He goes into a solitary place to realign and refocus himself.  When he returns, he says that they need to go to other villages.  He has come to bring his message to more people than just in Capernaum.

What is this faith that we hold to so dearly?  It is a faith of great power.  We do not follow a good teacher or a great moralist.  We follow a God who has the power to command demons to silence.  Our God teaches with the authority of our Creator.  This is not a ordinairy teacher.  This is THE TEACHER.  All other teachers will stand in the long shadow that he will cast as he ministers in Judea.  Even the demons recognize Jesus as the Holy One of God.  We shouldn't fear the plans of the evil against us.  Christ has the power to lay to waste the schemes of the evil.  We should follow the example of Jesus.  We need to take time to refocus ourselves.  We look back to our salvation, and to our great Savior at Lent, but this is a practice we ought to do throughout the year.  We should spend a great deal of our live in reflection of all the great things that God has done for us.  We should also follow the example of Jesus.  This message is not just for us.  God did not call us out of our wicked state for ourselves.  He has called us out to bring him glory.  He is glorified when people recognize who he is.  He has called us out so that we may make him known to the nations.  Let us not get so wrapped up in all that God has done for us, that we keep all those blessings to ourselves.  The chief end of man is to glorify God, and enjoy him forever.  We glorify God when we take our story to world, so that others may see the amazing God that he is.  We enjoy him by living in those amazing things he has done for us, and sharing those with others.


  1. Great post! I would suggest breaking it up into smaller paragraphs, though. Big chunks can be hard to read. :) I'm sharing your post via CoPromote. I hope it helps!

  2. Thank you so much for your advice. I am always open to advice!