Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Seriously? You Are Joking, Right?

Have you ever seen someone ready to dive face first into some sin?  When you challenge their decision they will undoubtedly say something just as ridiculous as their decision.  "Well, I know God said it is wrong, but he just wants me to be happy."  I am going to burst some bubbles today.  I am going to speak a truth that is a little hard for a lot of people to swallow.  God's first concern is not YOUR happiness.  If you read the gospels, when Jesus healed the sick, he never said he did it for the persons happiness.  He said he was healing them to bring glory to God.  Even when God called Abram, he did it to reveal himself to all of mankind.  If you read through the Westminster cathecism, I challenge you to find where it says that God is concerned with our happiness.  The first question asks the cheif end of man.  To glorify God and enjoy him forever.  Glorifying God and enjoying him can not be separated!  They go together.  We glorify God, by following his commands for our lives.  When we sin against his law, then we are not glorifying God.  How could a person think that they could find happiness apart from God?  It is really sort of ridiculous.  God's first concern is his own glory.  If we would focus on his glory, then the happiness will come along with that.  We can not make decision apart from God and expect to find happiness.  I know that you will never find the blessings of God living outside his commands.  Think about that before you say that God just wants you to be happy.

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