Friday, March 7, 2014

The Gospel of John 6:28-29

I have been working slowly through the Gospel of John.  This has taken a lot longer than I thought it would.  If this is the first in the series that you have read, then I invite you to follow the link below and catch up.  I hope that my words have been a blessing, and I would politely ask that you might share them with others.

The people have just been asking Jesus to do some more miracles.  Now, they come to him and say that they would like to do the works of God too.  From the context, it almost seems like they want to do some of the same miracles that Jesus is doing.  Whatever they are asking of Jesus, they could not have expected the simple answer that Jesus gives them.  He tells them that the only work God requires is to believe in the one, God has sent.  There is no great religion to Jesus' answer.  There aren't any special prayers.  There aren't any ceremonial washings or sacrifices.  Just believe.  It is too simple of a message for many to believe.  Just believe.  We often come to God and ask what else.  That is not what Jesus is telling us is required.  Just believe.

Sometimes, we can get too grandiose.  We get all caught up in what we may do for God.  Perhaps we brag to God about the good that we have been doing.  Doing good is always right, but that isn't what God has asked of us.  We get these grandiose ideas of what we could do for God.  We need to take it back to the basics.  Just believe.  Trust God.  He is going to take care of all the rest.  We may be used of God to great and amazing things, but not before we bow our head in submission to the Savior.  It is one thing to believe in Jesus.  It is something completely different to put our entire lives under his authority.  I think sometimes we are all for trusting for salvation, but we want to remain in control of much of our lives.  If you are going to be used for God, then this can not endure.  Turn it all over.  Open every door and cabinet in your heart and let God fill them up.  It will be the Spirit that will enable us to do such great things for God, and we can't get to those things until we have completely yielded to him.  We need to stop trying to control things.  Give it all to God, and let him take care of the details.  Do you want to do the great works of God?  The only great work of God that is required of you is to just believe in Jesus!

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