Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grand Rapids

Along the Grand for the Steelhead run

Countless men in waders wait

I pass along before that museum

Monument and memorial to the unlikely President

Gerald R. Ford, neither elected Vice President or President

Replacing two in disgrace

To that highest honor

Past to that museum of science

Erected to honor one

Who sought but to leave

The bounds of Earth

Only to suffer a sad fate

Roger B. Chaffee, a hometown hero

Lost in the infancy of the space race

The S-curve cast a long shadow

Along the west bank of the river

Tracking up hill along Ford freeway

Past DeVos Children's hospital

To the Beltline

That eastern boundary

Of Grand Rapids proper

Lined with higher education

It was here at

The corner of Beltline and Leonard

I first was introduced

To the great western city

And now that corner stands

In my mind as the gateway

Cascade, Kentwood, GR, and Wyoming

As I cross 28th, east to west

The enormity is breathtaking

And yet such a warm and welcoming

Metropolis of long lost friends

Always a smile

Always a handshake

Always Grand Rapids

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