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Book Review: Rescue The Captors Russell Stendall @LifeSentencePub

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I am required to let you know that I have been provided a complimentary copy of this title in order to review it for the publisher.


During the 1980's, the C0ld War was pulling countries of the world in one of two directions.  In Central and South America, Marxist Guerillas were fighting to bring the promise of communism to their respective countries with the support of Cuba and the Soviet Union.  Russell Stendal was a missionary kid that had grown up in the wilds of Columbia.  He was living and working in Columbia as a jungle pilot and a running a commercial fishing operation.  As an American, he was seen as a prized target for kidnapping and ransom.  He was kidnapped by Marxist Guerillas and held hostage.

As the child of missionaries, Russell was not the meal ticket that the rebels had thought he would be.  As he waited for his family to negotiate his release, he began to write of his experiences on a typewriter provided by his captors.  He began to befriend his captors and show them the love of Christ.  The longer his captivity lasted, the more he saw that he was not the one that needed rescuing.  Through his kindness to his captors and his boldness in sharing his faith, he begins to show his captors a new way to view the world.  His presence becomes a nuisance to the Marxist leaders of the camp, but a true blessing to the soldiers that are in charge of his care and security.  While awaiting his own rescue, he shares with his captors how they can be truly freed from the lies of atheism and communism.

This is a great story.  The book is clearly written by someone who is not a seasoned author.  I am sure it could be refined, but I think it would take away from the story a lot of the authenticity that is presented through this story.  I found the story to be encouraging and challenging.  Russell was truly in a life threatening situation.  He did not spend the time trapped in self-pity.  Instead he saw it as an opportunity to share the love of Christ with his enemies.  His captors were men who most needed to see the gospel of Christ lived out in front of them.  Russell shares his story in a real and genuine way.  His experiences have served to lay the ground work for the gospel among a people who were at odds with the hope of God.

If this is a story that you would like to read then I have included a link for the Paperback edition and for the Kindle edition below.  I hope you enjoy this exciting story of danger and grace in the midst of the jungle of Colombia and the jungle of atheistic communism.


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