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Book Review - A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven Chris Loehmer Kincaid @LifeSentencePub

ATimeUnderHeaven chris loehmer kincaid

I am required to let you know that I have been provided a complimentary copy of this title in order to review it for the publisher.


Chris Kincaid was a middle-aged mother in Wisconsin.  Through a series of events, she felt God leading her to go on a mission trip to Africa.  She and her daughter were able to take a trip to Kenya.  In her book, "A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven", she recounts her experiences in Africa.  She is shocked at the immense need among the people she is able to meet in Africa.  From orphans to women in the slums surrounding Nairobi.  She has such a limited understanding of poverty from her life in the States.  When she encounters people in Africa that are truly impoverished, she is amazed at their amazing attitudes, and overwhelmed with all that they needs done.  She spends much of her trip feeling inadequate.  The problem is so large.  How much could one individual do to relieve the suffering and bring the love of God to the third world?  Through her honest reflections I was able to ask the same questions of myself.  What could I possibly do as an individual to relieve the suffering in the world around me?

Service to God should rightly be overwhelming.  Everything that she is feeling is right and good.  When we see the great love of God for us, then we should be completely overwhelmed.  How could we possibly do enough to thank God for the grace that we never deserved?  When we see the great suffering in this world, then how could we ever do enough as an individual to bring hope and healing to the world around us?  This is such a beautiful and honest reflection.  Her questions, should be our questions.  The picture she paints of the third world should serve as a wake up call to western Christians.  There is so much suffering in this world, and there are so few to work the fields.  Jesus said, "the fields are ripe for the harvest, but the workers are few".  I am confident that this book will touch many, and it is my prayer that it will call more workers in to fields in desperate need of harvesting.  Although this is a cruel and cold world, we have the answer to the world's misery in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Thanks for publishing such an honest review. I’d love to write an addendum to the book and describe my return trip to Kenya a year ago. God showed me a whole new side of Kenya; as hard as it is to believe that first trip eight years ago I actually had been kept sheltered from the realities of living in utter poverty. I think God knew that I could have never handled it all at once. Since that return trip last year, my daughter and I have started a nonprofit organization to bring hope to those without hope. As we begin planning yet another trip to Africa, we need all of the support and prayers we can get.

  2. It was a true pleasure to read your book. May God bless you as you seek to serve the least of these.