Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In Remembrance

These are a pair of poems I wrote when thinking about Memorial Day.  I had thought of writing one long poem with a bit about each of our countries wars.  I ended up with two.  One for the Civil War and one for World War I.  I may in the future continue this and combine a series of smaller poems.  I guess that remains to be seen.


Civil War

Liberated and clothed for war

Child of slaves slain

Upon some southern field

Last breathe breathed free

Interred upon this hollowed hill

Known but to God

Voiceless marble marker

To set as sentinel

Marked with a flag

This last Monday of May

Lest we ought forget

The price once paid

To right the scales of justice

And live up to the promise

Freedom, Truth, and Justice


World War I

Between classic battle

and modern war

Stands that horror

of the Great War

To be the last

Of all such wars

Too horrific to dare repeat

Had that been the case

Mired in muddy no man's land

An inch for a hundred men

Interred upon that foreign field

To mark with flag

Their silent graves

Lest we forget

What all they gave

For God and country

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