Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quench My Thirst

Forbid it that I should

Stand in lifeless desert plain

Scorched, barren and lonely

Forbid it that I should

Find myself as such

And when that cup is offered

Turn away and remain

With thirst unquenched

And throat still parched

This desert is a truth of life

That thirst a Holy gift

A thirst given from Him

A longing burned into all

The darkest shadows of my heart

That timeless question

Longing but for one answer

This thirst shall not be

Quenched by anything

But to taste that sweet

Living water and

Return to His well again

That I should be able

To speak as David

Of the longing of a deer

One sip could be all

But creates a deeper longing

For more

For more of Him

Deeper taste of Him

That I may be filled

To overflowing with Him


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