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Book Review - Homeless To The Hall Of Fame Capt. Shane Watson @LifeSentencePub

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I am required to inform my readers that I have been provided a complimentary copy of this title by the publisher in order to write this review.

Divorce can be the most devastating tragedy in the life of children.  It can be especially devastating when parents remarry, and step-parents become abusers.  Captain Watson lived through a childhood that no child should ever have to.  His parents divorced when he was young.  His young life was upended and his sense of security was taken from him.  When his mother remarried his life got even more difficult for him.  His Step-Father was an angry and abusive man.  These events would have destroyed any child, and led them to a life of sorrow.  Through the grace of God, Captain Watson was able to overcome his childhood and became on of America's Top Fishing Guides.  This is a story of the grace of God overcoming the pain of divorce and abuse.  His is a story that shows how through God, we can become more than conquerors.  It is an inspirational story that should encourage the downtrodden to keep fighting and trust God.

Captain Watson has a truly inspiring story to share with the world.  As far as his book Homeless to Hall Of Fame, this is a great book.  It includes a lot of detail about his struggles in life, but it seems like there could be more information from his early life.  I was a little disappointed that the book seemed to end too soon.  It would have been great to tell of his rise from obscurity to becoming a leading fishing guide and hall of fame member.  It is a great story and I would definitely recommend the book to others.  It would have been great to read just a little bit more about his life and how God has blessed him in business and personal life as an adult.  He provides so much information about his childhood, but leaves me wanting more of his life story in adulthood.  What he has included does show the great power of God over all that this world can try to throw at a person.  God can get a person through any trial and bring them out on top.

If this is a story that you would like to read, then I have included links where you can either purchase a hardcover or Kindle version of this book below:

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