Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book Review - My Baby's Feet Sheila M. Luck @LifeSentencePub

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I am required to inform my readers that I was provided a complimentary copy of this title in order to write this review.

Abortion is such a polarizing political issue.  In all the rhetoric, it is easy to forget the people who find themselves living out the issue in their own hearts.  Sheila Luck is a woman who made a difficult decision in her teen years.  She was able to accomplish all of the promises of the Pro-Choice moment.  She was able to go on with her education and become an attorney, but that decision still haunted her.  She was blessed by God with an amazing husband and children, but she still carried shame and guilt for her decision to abort an unplanned pregnancy at age 17.

In her book, My Baby's Feet, she opens her heart to share a very personal journey of her heart.  She throws off all the rhetoric of the political argument, and makes her case from the heart.  She is never preachy or condemning.  Her experience of abortion makes her the most qualified to address such a tough topic.  She has an ability to see all the tough places that women considering abortion may find themselves.  She acknowledges what a difficult decision it may be to choose life for an unplanned pregnancy.  I appreciate her tenderness with the issue.

Her story should serve as a warning to the Church.  It is perfectly ok to have strong convictions on the value of human life, but we must hold those convictions with compassion.  There are women that are sitting in the pews that have made the decision to end an unplanned pregnancy.  They may be going through the same struggles that Sheila went through.  They may feel in the depths of themselves that they have made a mistake.  They need love and tenderness, and not judgment and condemnation.  It is so important that when this difficult subject is brought up that we never forget the women that may be suffering in silence.

This is a great book for women healing from abortion, and for women who are wondering what to do about an unplanned pregnancy.  It is also a great book for people who stand on both sides of the argument.  It takes the argument out of the political sphere and reminds us of the real people who have had an abortion or are considering it.  I have included links below where a paperback or Kindle edition of this title may be purchased.

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