Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fishing with Kids

I have been told that fishing is a relaxing hobby.  Who ever said that has never taken kids fishing.  It can be incredibly rewarding, but it is never relaxing.  If you are lucky you can untangle or unsnag the kids lines before the fish have cleaned all of the bait off your hook.  I suppose you are even lucky if you have gotten the time to actually get your line in the water.  It is interesting to take kids.  I swear that if you took kids fishing in a swimming pool they would find something to snag their hook on.  It is really amazing.

As a dad, I think that taking the kids fishing is that one time when I am allowed and expected to sit and do nothing. In the life a grown up those times are few and far between.  Unfortunately, that is not how it works out at all.  I usually end up running from one kid to the other.  I no sooner get one line untangled or unsnagged, and I hear a call of distress from another child.  I am just thankful that so far the hooks have managed to get snagged in everything, but human flesh.  I suppose that is a small victory.

I suppose I have found a bit of a victory for my sanity.  I took my daughter fishing last night.  We went to a park we had fished before.  We had caught a lot of small panfish.  As a man, I as not at satisfied with these miniature fish.  I wanted bigger and better.  I suppose I was just missing the point.  I am just not going to be able to hone my craft with the kids.  Kids need something on the hook.  I am convinced that they don't care at all about what is actually is on the hook as long as something is on the hook.

I relented and took my daughter back to Silver Creek.  I took my chair and tried to relax.  She grew tired of the reeling and casting.  When I turned to look at her.  She had the rod lying on the dock, and she was fishing with the bottom three feet of the fishing line.  It was completely ridiculous, but I finally got that moment.  I was able to sit and relax.  She would call out to me every couple of minutes.  "I got one."  Everything she was doing violated all of the rules I have in mind about sport fishing.  I mean who sets out to intentionally catch tiny panfish?  It didn't matter she was having a blast, and that is truly all that matter.  I was able to sit and just relax.

We won't talk about my luck with fishing.  I think I am the worst angler in the world.  I don't see myself getting any better.  Honestly, that is not the most important thing.  I am making memories, and that is far more important.

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