Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Sneakersnaps

The two sneakersnaps

Traipsed across the weaselpop

Where they met three waddlesnaps

And when they gazed above

A flock of snivelsnorts

Blocked out the sun

a lit about the marshmallow cream lake

As the geyserwhips

Howl deep in the peppermint woods

And when those three weaselsnaps

Eyed the sneakersnaps

They jumped up on their feet

And charge through the fields

Of sandpaper wheat

And dove into the lake

Of sweet marshmallow cream

And sent that flock

Of snivelsnorts

Back soaring into the air

the peaceful marshmallow cream

To seek sense

Among the senseless

Is a futile exercise

And grace without wrath

makes less sense

One without the other

Becomes meaningless


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