Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams? Really? #RobinWilliams

I was just blown away to hear of the apparent suicide of Robin Williams.  How could something like this  happen?  Here is guy that has been the life of the party for such a long time.  I remember when he played the part of Patch Adams, a doctor devoted to the healing effect of laughter.  Not only was he the life of the party, but he had so much in material things that this life has to offer.  He was very wealthy.  He was a celebrity.  If a man like this can be over taken by the overwhelming and pressing thought that life is indeed not worth living, then what hope do we have.

I promised myself that I would refrain from using his death as a platform to preach.  I just believe that would be in poor taste and disrespectful.  I would rather this time be used to reflect on how precious love life is, and how we need to re-engage with the people around us.  I am talking about real life engagement.  We have to stop accepting social network comments or messenger as the real stuff of relationship.  How many people have sat down with a neighbor this year to just have a cup of coffee?

In so many ways we are more connected today, than any time in history.  We can talk to someone on the other side of the world in an instant, and in many cases have a video feed to accompany that conversation.  With all of our advancements we have become a segmented and solitary society.  At some point, we exchanged the benefit of community for ourselves.

This is a short life.  Jesus compared it to the grass of the field.  You are here today and gone tomorrow.  Stop wasting your time.  Every second you spend where you are not engaged in the life of another is a waste.  That is the only "stuff" that is ever going to last.  No one is going to care an iota of your exploits in Madden or C.O.D.  No one will care how many friends you had on Facebook or followers on Twitter.  The only thing that will matter is the investment that you have made in the lives of others.  No one talks about Facebook during a eulogy!  Seriously, think about the things they will say about you.  Start today, invest in others and write the eulogy that others will give when you have passed.

I am completely stunned by the apparent suicide of Robin Williams.  I refuse to use it as a soap box, except to say one thing.  Robin Williams was a strong supporter of Service people, and am sure he would be ok with this.  There are a lot of Veteran's and Service people out there that are really suffering.  We need to engage and love this people.  I am sure they are desperately lonely.  You may not understand anything that they are going through, but you can love them and walk along side them.  We can not endure one more suicide among our Veterans and Service people.  When you are done loving a Veteran or Service person, then go have coffee with your elderly neighbor.  I am certain you will make their day.


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