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Book Review - Rescue The Captors Russell Stendal @LifeSentencePub

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I am required by law to inform you that I was provided a complimentary copy of this title, in order to provide this review.

In 1983, Russell Stendal was kidnapped by Marxist rebels in the jungles of Colombia.  Raised as a missionary kid in Colombia, he had followed in his parents footstep, and was still serving the people of rural Colombia.  A incident like his kidnapping would have convinced most people to abandon the jungles and return to the comfort of his native Minnesota.  Russell followdd another path.  Deeply effected by the desperate need of his godless captors, Russell found a new mission in life.  He felt the call of God to reach out with the grace of God to his own captors.

In his first book Rescue The Captors, Russell tells of his terrifying experience of being held captive by rebels in Colombia.  In this second book, Russell tells of his return to Colombia, and to the mission he felt God had given him.  Balancing a life between the many warring factions of Colombia, Russell pressed on in bringing the love of God to people caught in a dangerous part of the world.

Russell faced danger numerous times as he sought to follow the call of God.  He constantly found himself in terrifying situations, that would have scarred off many other men.  Russell clung to his faith in God, and the power of prayer.  He was able to take his message to the godless rebels, the military leaders of Colombia, and even people involved in the illicit drug trade.  He was able to build relationships with people involved in the conflict, that would have been impossible without the powerful moment of the hand of God.  He was able to build a radio station that had reach across a huge area of rural Colombia, and parts of neighboring countries.

It is a great testimony of the power of God, that Russell was able to not only survive the turmoil within Colombia, but to prosper and expand his ability to reach the lost and hurting of this dangerous corner of the world.  In this book he shares many of the struggles he faced, and how he used pray to overcome, what seemed to be insurmountable.  It is a great book to read about the power of God, and the power of pray and faithfulness.  Russell continues to serve the people of Colombia in the name of God.  I definitely would recommend this book, if you are looking to hear of God doing miraculous things in a dark corner of this fallen world.

I hope that you will read this continued story of victory through the power of God.  I have included a link where you can purchase this book in whichever format you prefer.  Happy reading.

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