Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Making Much Of God @MattChandler74 #ChristianBlogger

We seem to have the ridiculous false notion that everything in creation and redemptive history is done for us.  In one way that is correct, but in another it makes way too much of us, and way too little of God.

God's purpose in creation, revelation, and redemption is to make much of himself.  Man was created with a single purpose.  The Westminster Catechism says chief end of man is to glorify God, and enjoy him forever.  Now, God is not some cosmic egomaniac.  He has no need to reveal himself, and receive our recognition.  In fact our recognition of his glory is of very little value to him.  There is not much you can offer the Creator of everything.  So we have to realize that it is all about God.  Even when he made a way to reconcile mankind to himself through Jesus Christ, he did so to reveal his greatness to the universe.  If there were ever any doubt of his goodness, Jesus was sent to wipe all of that doubt away.

Mankind was created to bring renown to God.  Even in our failings we still bring glory to God.  It is the single reason we were created, and there is nothing we can do to escape that purpose.

I was listening to Matt Chandler of The Village Church recently.  He said that everyone will, in the end, be used to bring glory to the name of God.  Even the devout atheist will be used by God to demonstrate his greatness to the universe.

It may seem a strange statement.  Honestly, how could an atheist, a person who does not believe in God, be used to demonstrate the greatness of God?  God is a just God.  He cannot endure wickedness in his holy presence.  He will demonstrate his great holiness and great justice when he rightly condemns the devout atheist.

For the faithful, we have no more an active role in bringing glory to God.  It will not be our good works or service to God that will ultimately bring glory to God.  It will be in spite of ourselves that God will be glorified in us.  When God will look at what we have done, and who we truly are, and will impute the righteousness of Christ to us, that he will be glorified.  When God will pour out his immense grace on his own enemies (us), he will proclaim his own great love and grace.

In the end, it has nothing to do with us.  It has everything to do with God.  It always has.  In the end, every knee will bow.  Which side of the dirt will you bow your knee?

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