Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson.....I Just Cannot Bite My Tongue Another Minute!

I have tried to avoid politics here. I really wanted to keep a spiritual focus here, and politics have the ability to bring the absolutely worst in me.  I can get so angry and spiteful.  I guess I am risking all that.  Here goes nothing!

There has been so much anger, and so much noise about this whole situation.  Will we learn anything from this, or will another alarm be sounded and be ignored?  Time will tell I suppose.

Some people lost complete touch with reality and the facts have ceased to matter.  From the sound bites I have heard on the news, it was as if an indictment would have healed all of the ills of black america for good.  They may have been just a tad bit overly optimistic.

I will never be able to honestly say that I honestly understand what it means to grown up black.  I suffer from a incurable condition known as white privilege.  Although I suffer from this debilitating disorder, I would like to humbly offer a few things that an indictment in Ferguson would never and could never bring to the black community.  I would also argue everything I am about to say could be just as valid for white families as black.

First, an indictment would never reunite families.  I find it extremely sad that not that long ago, black families were stronger than white families.  The sad reality is that a two person black family is the exception.  That is not to say that white families are doing much better.  A grand jury will never turn the hearts of father's to their children.

The single biggest weapon to ignorance is education.  An indictment would not have convince the countless young people who abandon their education every year to return to their studies.  Throughout history, education has been withheld from the general populace and slaves to keep them in a subservient.  Slaves were prevented from learning to keep them in bonds.  Young people abandon their education everyday, how could they expect a different result?

The problem with Ferguson and pretty much every where, is that there is a deeper issue that Government will never solve.  Government will never be able to solve the heart problems that we face each day.  We have to start looking in the mirror.  Our we honest in our dealings?  Are we the best fathers and men that we can be?  Do we set a good example for the young men starving for a role model?  Do the young people that we interact with know the value we place on education?  No policemen will ever teach a young person the value of a virtuous life, until the people important to him demonstrate that.  No teacher will ever teach a young person the value of an education until the people central to their life show them that education is one of the most important things, vital to living a virtuous life.

We need to stop taking the easy way out.  I say we, because white folks have our own scape goats.  Sure we don't have years and years of injustice, but we always have some one to blame for our own ills.  Blaming some one else doesn't get anywhere.  There are billions of people in the world and you can only change one.  It is hokey but Michael Jackson was right.  The man in the mirror is the only one that you can change.

I just don't know what to say.  I find it so sad that the world has been turned upside down, and no one seems to be saying what needs to be said.  I feel like I am taking crazy pills!

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