Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What Is Creation? #ChristianBlogger

What is Creation?

Creation is God's making everything out of nothing by his powerful word in six days and all very good.

Traditional Orthodoxy accepts the concept of "Ex Nihilo", or out of nothing.  Creation is God speaking power into nothing and creating everything.  A God lacking the power to create "Ex Nihilo" could not possibly be all powerful.  I don't understand completely, but I know God is all powerful and therefore accept along with traditional orthodoxy the concept of "Ex Nihilo" creation.  What I know and understand in part will be completely revealed in the presence of God.

Creation was very good.  Everything was completely organized as God had intended it.  Disease and other strife was brought into creation through man's rebellion.  Prior to the fall, creation was in every way exactly as God intended it to be.  Man's rebellion perverted all of creation, and all of creation groans in expectation of when God will return all of creation to it's original perfect state.

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