Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Did All Mankind Fall In Adam's First Disobedience? #ChristianBlogger

Did all mankind fall in Adam's first disobedience?

Since the covenant was made not only for Adam, but also for his natural descendants all mankind sinned in him and fell with him in his first disobedience.

If this is your first visit, then I welcome you.  For some time now, I have been working my way through the "The Westminster Shorter Catechism in Modern English"  from P&R Publishing 1986.  As I have read each of the questions and answers, then I have jotted down a few notes about what I have just read.  I am not a theologian.  I am just a simple guy.  If I would asked what I hoped to accomplish by all of this, then I would say that I hope to offer men a larger picture of God.  I am not a commited Calvinist.  To be honest, I am not exactly sure where on the spectrum my theology might find me, but I appreciate the grandiose picture of God that Calvinism offers.  Too often, the God we are sold, is no more than a cosmic Santa Claus.  Is it any wonder the wickedness that even Christians are willing to allow in their midst, when their God is no more than a coddling grandparent, instead of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe?  We need to reclaim the immenseness of our God.  His size and scope, should be, in many ways be terrifying to us.  I fear that we will fail to truly appreciate the gift of his grace, until we are terrified of his great and just wrath.  I just wanted to add a few thoughts before continuing, thank you.

Picture a path that bends slightly to the left and passes quietly through the woods.  There can be many travelers, but only one path  There remains only one path that leads from one place to another.  Prior to the fall there was but one path.  Adam in his rebellion created his own path.  His path turns in an opposite direction, away from the true intention of his Creator.

Prior to the fall, man knew his own free will only so far as he was perfectly obedient.  He lacked the knowledge that there existed another way.  He turned aside from his obedience.  He cut a trail where it was never intended to be.  We, as his natural descendants, have followed down that path.  Adam brought sin into creation, and we all bear the curse of his fall.  The natural order is subjected to the curse, as well as all mankind.  In Adam's sin, all of mankind was alienated from God.  God being a perfect Creator, he is unable to tolerate sin in his presence.  To do so, would not be possible without denying his perfect justice.

Adam's sin subjected all of created order to the curse of God's judgment.  He further brought God's wrath down upon all of his descendants.

This is where we find ourselves.  We are wretched fallen creatures.  Faced with the enormity of God, we are overwhelmed.  Faced with the immense goodness and perfection of God, we consider ourselves as nothing.  How could we hope to approach the Lord Almighty in our wretched state?

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