Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Happened To Man In The Fall? #ChristianBlogger

What happened to man in the fall?

Man fell into a condition of sin and misery.

Man was placed in the center of all creation.  Within the bounds of Eden existed every good and perfect thing.  All of creation gladly submitted to Man, God's appointed steward of Creation.  All of creation provided an abundance for man's provision.

In his rebellion, man subjected all of creation to God's curse.  The perfect creation was warped in man's disobedience.  The creation that had accepted man's authority and stewardship would now cause man to struggle and fight to subdue it.  While the garden had willingly provided all of man's provision, man would now gather his subsistence through toil and the sweat of his brow.

Man created in the image of God, in his rebellion, has brought himself under a sentence of death.  In God's mercy, he has suspended that sentence, because it would have been completely just were God to have instantly killed Adam for his rebellion.  We, ourselves, treat disloyalty with that same severity.  In his mercy, God allowed man to live.  In man's rebellion, man has been completely alienated from God.  While man had enjoyed unlimited access and communion with his Creator, now he had his Creator could no longer enjoy that communion.  Man in his fall became aware of his sinfulness.  While he had previously sought eagerly to walk with his Creator, now in his shame he seeks to hide himself from God.

While man was provided grace to live, he does so under the righteous judgment of a Holy God.  Man is condemned.  He is a dead man walking.  Each day comes as a gift from the same Holy God, under whose wrath he lives each day.  Man in his rebellion has fallen under the righteous wrath and condemnation of the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, in whose presence man dare not stand boldly.

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