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Book Review: Arab Spring Christian Winter Ralph Stice #ChristianBlogger

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I am legally required to inform you that I have received a complimentary copy of this title in order to publish this review.

A completely unknown merchant in the tiny country of Tunisia, ignited a fire across the Muslim world.  This phenomena has been called the Arab spring.  Countries that had lived in a cold winter of despotism and corruption have suddenly emerged and the people have called for democracy.  Initially optimistic, the west has greeted these changes as welcome news, but where ultra-conservative Muslims have taken over in place of western friendly regimes the west has been caught off guard and shocked at the type of freedom that the people have chosen.

The Arab spring has brought an entire new set  of problems for the world.  It has been especially threatening to our brothers and sisters in the faith across the greater middle east.  Far from a western religion, many of the oldest churches in the Chrisitian world lie completely surrounded by their Muslim neighbors.  The corrupt despots that had ruled before the Arab spring offered a surprising amount of protection to these Christian minorities.  Without this strong man, our fellow Christians have been left at the mercy of their neighbors.  Many Christians have been killed, had their Churches burned, and suffered many other things that we in the west can only imagine.  We claim persecution when we are asked not to pray in public, while for our brothers and sisters being marked as a Christian can be a true death sentence.

I have to be honest.  I am not a big fan of eschatology (end-times).  In my studies of the several positions on this topic, the only thing that I am prepared to zealously support is that God wins at the end.  I approached this book with that type of a mind set.  I felt a kindred spirit with the author, because this book is not an outline of end times.  Much of his writing is made in a way to leave the final conclusion to the reader.  If you are looking for a dogmatic approach to the end-times and the author's particular opinion, then this is not the book for you.  What you will find is an open minded author who asks the question, could the end times be a showdown between Islam and Christianity.  The author has a very broad understanding of Muslim culture and geopolitics.  When he is discussing things, he is speaking from first hand experience.  When he talks about the ambitions of the Turks, then it is because of his experiences in Istanbul.

Since reading this book, I have watched the news from a different direction.  The amazing world shaking changes that I see each day have caused me to devote great thought to the author's hypothesis.  You would be a fool to suggest that the world is not a more dangerous place, then just a few years ago.  I would argue that the world appears to be picking sides for another great war.  Fighting in Crimea, Syria, Iraq, and now the North Koreans appear prepared to pick a fight.  There is a great something on the horizon.  Could it be that we are hurdling toward another great war, and that this could be the final great war?  Could we be speeding toward the rise of the Anti-Christ, and could that Anti-Christ be the leader of another Islamic Caliphate prepared to take on the whole of the western world?  These are the great questions of our day, and these are the great questions that the author asks.  I would strongly recommend that anyone left wondering what is going on in our world, read this book, and then ponder the questions that are put forward by the author.

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  1. Scripture says there are certain signs that are given so we may know that the end is near. It is good to be aware, in order to be watching and praying. Not in fear, but in order to be prepared. Thank you for the excellent review.

    In Christ,
    Jeremiah Zeiset
    Aneko Press