Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review: Ethical Dr. Daniel Morris @LifeSentencePub #ChristianBlogger

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I am required to inform you that I have been provided a free copy of this title, in order to offer this review.

The Christian life should rightly be a constant series of choices between right and wrong.  If we are change by the power of God and are devoted to follow after Christ, then that should be demonstrated in the choices we make.  Life is lived out in a very complicated world.  The black and white of right and wrong is many times colored in shades of grey.  How are we to make those decisions when the right way is not clearly seen?  How can we teach new disciples to make these difficult decisions?  Dr. Morris has created a guide that can be used just for that.

Far from being able to list out a series of circumstances and what we ought to do, Dr. Morris presents a set of principles for the Christians to consider.  It is a straight forward book, and written well.  Dr. Morris' book would make an easy text for group studies among young Christians, as well as a great book for individual study.  It is well written and without complicating the subject with overly Christian language that could make it difficult for new Christians to follow.  Dr.  Morris lays out a simple set of principles to move new Christians toward a biblical and ethical skill in discernment.  This is a book that I would recommend to Pastors looking to teach ethics to young believers.  Many times Christians abstain from things out of tradition or instruction.  This is a great book to put meaning behind our restraint.  It also offers many principles to fill in the gaps, when the word is silent on what believers ought to do.  This principles can be put to work when we find ourselves choosing between to lesser evils.  When we feel stuck between two poor choices, then these principles properly applied can be a comfort to our conscience.

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  1. Thank you, screwtape21, for a great review of "Ethical." Books like this can make a huge difference to the reader, helping build the body of Christ.