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Book Review: Stealing From God Frank Turek #ChristianBlogger

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To say that Atheists have a few philosophical problems is like saying that a dead man is experiencing breathing problems.  The fact that so many Americans see the materialistic question to be a settled argument is a sad statement about our own critical thinking.  The question has never truly been settled, because Atheists silence opposition, while never answering the pressing questions asked by people of faith .  Atheism is not the result of higher thinking.  Atheism is the result of a heart decision in search of evidence.  Atheists do not want to there to be a God, and so they compile all manner of evidence for their position, while brushing aside the extreme problems of their worldview.  Atheism can be the result of dishonesty and truly lazy critical thinking skills.  For a person to stand as a consistent Atheist, they would have to admit the truth, that apart from a theistic God, they have no means in which to be certain of Atheism or anything at all.

Frank Turek has stripped away the emperor's clothes, and left atheists completely exposed to the world they have attempted to keep in the dark.  This is a definite must read for every Christian in need of strengthening in their faith, and ever skeptic who desires to be consist.  Turek exposes many of the Atheist's philosophical problems, and exposes Atheism for the farce that it is.  As a person coming from a Baptist tradition I thought his use of memory tricks to be humorous, but I am certain I will never forget the various C.R.I.M.E.S. of Atheism. Turek uses each of letters of the word crimes to represent a particular philosophical problem with Atheism.  Turek presents his case without emotion and very straightforward.  He takes the opportunity to ask the hard questions that many are not prepared to answer.

I love the title that Turek selects for his book.  In a very well written and smooth prose, he makes the case that Atheists have to steal from God to make their case for Atheism.  This book is very well written, and it is an enjoyable read.  It will challenge the thinking of some and it will reinforce the faith of many others.  I would definitely put this book on my list of must reads.  If you have not read this book then you definitely must read it.

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