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Book Review: Adventures In Saying Yes Carl Medearis #ChristianBlogger @bethany_house @carlmedearis

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Carl Medearis follows Jesus.  He packed up his young family and moved to one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians.  Shortly after the civil war in Lebanon, he moved his family to Beirut.  If anyone has the authority to speak about moving from fear to faith, then I believe Carl is someone that has many things to share.

When we think about our faith, many times we seem to be missing out on something greater.  We stay in our comfort zone, when God is calling us out to a greater purpose.  God certainly has a way that we ought to live, but first He desires that we trust him.

When we truly trust God, then our lives may make people believe we have lost our minds.  We could end up in places and situations that others would think are very dangerous.  In some ways, God has asked us to replace our common sense with a sense of his presence.  Are we willing to trust God even when everyone and everything is telling us to turn back?

Carl has written a book that asks a lot of these questions.  People who have impacted their world, have always lived on the fringe.  When these people in the secular world take extraordinary risks, they are called trailblazers.  Why is it that we don't always look at trailblazing Christians in the same way?

Carl offers a lot of real life stories that flesh out what it truly means to trust God.  We may not see all that God is doing through us.  We may pass on to glory while he is still working in the hearts and regions that he has had us minister to.  Should we stop the work we are doing because it doesn't seem fruitful?  No.  We must trust God, and truly leave it to him.  He knows what he is doing.  So often we think we have some idea of all that he is doing, but he has never promised that.  He has simply called us to follow him.

I truly enjoyed Carl's book.  It offers a lot of pictures from his own life and ministry.  He is transparent and shares his own struggles and failings.  He does all this while still encouraging believers to trust in God.  Lean into the power of God.  What more can we do?  We are called to trust God, and give to him all of our fear and worry.  If we would simply trust him, then he will include us in his greater story of redemption.  Truly a great and encouraging message for a world that truly needs it.

Bethany House Publishers provided me a complimentary copy of this book to provide this review.



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