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Book Review: Finding Your Way Back to God Dave and Jon Ferguson @BlogForBooks @daveferguson @jonferguson #ChristianBlogger


At some point we lose track of what is most important.  Life goes so fast, that it can be easy to lose track of God.  People can stray from God for many reasons.  Some may move away consciously, and others may lose the ability to hear His voice over all the busyness of life.  Things have changed.  We know it in the deepest part of ourselves.  We feel that there is something missing, and it eats at us until we manage to put our finger on it.  When we finally are able to place our finger what is missing, then we can struggle to find our way back.  Perhaps we have strayed to far, and God is not waiting for us.  We may have walked away from God, and now we are unsure of the route back to the throne room.  We know there is a missing piece in our life, and we just don't know how to fix it.  Dave and Jon Ferguson use the story of the prodigal son to teach us how to move from where we are, and to where are souls were meant to be.  To take us from the unsettled heartache to the arms of the loving Father.

Dave and Jon Ferguson have broken the book into 5 awakenings in our life.  The first awakening they discuss is the awakening to longing.  It is that deep seated uneasiness that there has to be more.  When the prodigal son realizes that he is sleeping with pigs and his father's servants are eating better than him, he realizes that there is a better life out there for him..  The second awakening is the awakening to regret.  The prodigal son hates himself for walking away from his father.  We have walked away from God's love too. The son then awakens to the realization that he needs help.  He knows his fathers servants eat better than he is, and he knows he must ask for his father's help. We know that God has more for us, and we know we cannot get there on our own.  The son then awakens to love.  He throws himself on the mercy of his father, and he finds a father that never stopped loving him.  He finds a father that was watching the horizon, and came running to him.  We find God the same way.  We drag all of our ugliness to Him, and we find God ready to embrace us.  The son then awakens to life, but not just mere living, but to life the way it was always meant to be.  He is lavished with gifts and the father throws a party.  When we come back to God, not only does he forgive all of our sin, but he gives us all the life we were created for.

This book begins with a wager.  The end of the book is a guided outline to take that gamble. Are you willing to put your money on God?  Will allow him to walk you through the awakenings?  Can't you feel that there is something missing?

This is a really great book.  It's message is very timely, and it is a message that people are aching to hear.  The writing is warm and inviting.  This would be a great book for both private study, or in a small group setting.  I believe many folks in the world and even in the church are missing something in their lives.  Our hearts were designed to connect with the divine.  We will struggle and be restless until we find His rest.  To the willing and seeking heart, this book could be an invaluable tool.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to find that missing piece and find the place where their heart was designed to live.

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I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review.

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