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Book Review: The Waiting Kathy LaGrow #ChristianBlogger @TyndaleHouse

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A leisurely afternoon as a break from a normal routine of hard work.  A moment to enjoy her youth with friends at a beautiful lake.  Minka DeYoung had looked forward to this picnic.  Invading that tranquility was an assault that would change her life and her heart forever.  As a nearly grown woman with a child's heart, Minka never really understood what had happened to her.

At 17 years old, Minka found herself pregnant against her will, at a time when such a thing could destroy a young woman's life.  Through the kindness of her minister and her parents she was sent away to give birth, and ultimately give up this child for adoption.

While she was still terrified and confused about her assault and pregnancy, holding that tiny little girl in her arms brought intense clarity to the chaos of the last nine months of her life.  She was instantly smitten.  Her little Betty Jane would retain a special place in her heart for the rest of her life.  She left that tiny baby and returned home, but Betty Jane never left her.

Years later, Minka would start a family on her own terms.  She would raise two other children, but Betty Jane would never be far from her heart.  She would spend years writing letters to the Lutheran House of Mercy in hopes of just a tiny bit of information about her beautiful baby girl.

Minka must have felt that her time was running out.  She was an old woman, but she had never given up hope.  With deep faith in God, she prayed that God would give her an opportunity to see her little girl once more before the end of her life.  God is so good.  Nearly 80 years after she had ridden away from her daughter, God brought her Betty Jane back into her life.

Life on this earth is a terrible mess.  Into that mess, God steps and makes beauty out of even the most awful situations.  Minka never saw her attacker in her little Betty Jane.  She saw the gift of a gracious God to bring healing to a horrible situation.  The grace of God through the birth of Betty Jane would serve her in the coming struggles in her life.  This is such an amazing story.  I loved every minute of this book.  A labor of love written by Minka's granddaughter, I truly enjoyed every tiny detail in this heart warming story.  This is a story of hope in the healing of a great God, and the power of a mother's love.  Every cloud has a silver lining.  God is in control.  Comments like this can seem rather absurd in our times of hurting.  Minka's story puts flesh on sayings like these.  This story should serve as a encouragement to the faithful, that God loves us and he is working in power through our lives.  I would encourage anyone one that has ever suffered a tragedy that they can't make sense of, to read this story of a simple girl from the great plains, a story that managed break the surly bonds of earth and reached for the heavens.  Such an amazing book, I can not put into words how amazing this story is.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me a complimentary copy of this book to offer this review.

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