Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Another Update From The Wilderness #ChristianBlogger

Well if you have been paying attention, then you have seen that I have recently published a book of poetry.  I had thought about it for some time, and I finally sat down and did the leg work.  If poetry is not your style, then I have great news for you.

My cousin and I are amateur genealogists.  We were able to track the Hadley side of our family back to one patriarch who arrive in Michigan around the time of statehood.  Unfortunately, that is where our trail ended.  It has been rather frustrating.  My cousin had a DNA test done in order to see if we could be tied to any known genetic lines.  The results came back rather strange.  He did not match any known Hadley lines.  When I learned this my mind began to race.  How did we end up as Hadleys and not match any genetic lines?

I began to imagine a tale of where we came from.  I sat down about a year ago and began to write a story.  It is completely fictional and for pure entertainment.  I started with a strange fact and let my imagination run wild.

So, the book of poems is merely a test run.  I have been researching self-publishing for my book.  I read about a few different options.  Technology is such that books can be printed when they are ordered.  This technology has brought the ability to be published to anyone that is willing to put the work in.  It is really amazing.

When I first published my book of poems, I used a website known as lulu.com.  It is an easy site to use, and it offers self-publishing for free, if the author is willing to do the technical work of formatting their work for printing.  It is not difficult, but it is certainly time consuming.  I enjoyed working with Lulu.  It was easy to navigate, and fast in getting my work on their site.  I did experience a few problems, and I began to look for other options.

Lulu runs it's own estore.  The basic package allows you to sell your book on their website.  If an author would like to sell their book in other venues then they offer pay services to make that happen.  The other problem I saw was that the shipping was more expensive than the book I was trying to sell.  I am afraid that the expensive shipping could seriously hinder my ability to sell my book.

It was then that I found CreateSpace.  It is an Amazon company and is also a publish on demand printer.  As I walked through the process of bringing my book to CreateSpace, I was instantly satisfies.  The offer a free ISBN.  This allows your book to be sold to retailers and gives it a unique identity in the world of publishing.  Lulu wanted to charge $99 for the same thing.  It is an Amazon company so my book will soon be presented on Amazon as a product that Amazon is selling.  They also can distribute the book through six or seven different channels for books.  I am super excited and stay tuned for details of where and when to find my book.

The CreateSpace website is so much easier than Lulu.  It walks an author through step by step.  It offers a preview.  You are able to see how your book will appear and make corrections before sending it for printing.  CreateSpace has an easier cover design tool.  All in all I was 100% more satisfied with the experience I had on CreateSpace.  CreateSpace also offers the ability to convert my book for Kindle.  This alone could allow for greater exposure.

Ok.  Keeps your eyes open for my book of poetry and spread the word about my upcoming novel.  I will post info on both very soon.

Take care

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