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Book Review: 7 Men And The Secret To Their Greatness Eric Metaxas #ChristianBlogger @ericmetaxas @NelsonBooks @BookLookBlogger

Eric Metaxas has already offered the world a New York Bestselling portrait of the great 20th century Martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  In his latest book he offers profiles of seven great men in history.  These are seven great men that he puts forward as examples of men that Christian men should seek to emulate.

If you skip the introduction of this book, then I think you will miss out on the intimate thoughts of the writer's heart.  The author argues that our heroes have been cast aside, and our culture is worse off because of it.  All throughout history, people have looked to the men that have come before them as examples of what is noble.  Revisionists and others have sought to cast heroes in a less than favorable light, and cast aside the great examples that they could give to men seeking a better way to live in our crazy world.  Without being taught, we have a heartfelt understanding about what makes a man a great man.  We have filled libraries with tales of great men.  These biographies, movies, and stories do more than to fulfill a need for entertainment.  These heroic tales push us to higher thoughts and nobler deeds.  We need heroes and we suffer when we no longer have heroes to look to for inspiration.

In his latest book, Metaxas offers brief biographies of heroic Christian men.  He begins with George Washington and moves through history to Charles Colson.  While each of these men had faults and failings, Metaxas manages to bring to the reader tales of heroic virtues demonstrated by each man when faced with tough situations.  Some of these men choose virtue over their own selfish ambition, and some choose to be right in the eyes of God, over the approval of others.  To stand with God and a have clear conscience, they were willing to become as fools in the minds of the people around them.  William Wilberforce devoted much of his life in the fight to end the slave trade, when powerful forces were set hard against him.  Deitrich Bonhoeffer went face to face with a horrible tyrant, rather than violate his own conscience.  These are men who found themselves at a cross roads.  The broad path laid before them, and they chose the narrow path, and trusted God for the destination.  

This is a book that young people desperately need.  With the false heroes that are paraded before them each day, young men need real men of character to show them what it means to be a man.  There is no false bravado or arrogant posturing.  Real men are devoted to virtue.  They seek to protect the weak, and desire to live with integrity.

I truly enjoyed this book.  It was well written, and I appreciated the men that the author chose.  Each of these men were human beings.  Another volume could be filled with their failings, but that does not mean that they didn't make monumental decisions that young men should to for inspiration.  We are faced with a great identity crisis.  We have forgotten what it means to be men.  Metaxas has offered a book that helps to point us back to what it truly means to be a man in this wicked world.  I recommend this to all men who are seeking something more and greater for themselves and for the world at large.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this title by BookLook Blogger review program to provide this review.

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