Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book Review: Abba's Child Brennan Manning

I was provided a complimentary copy of this title through the Tyndale Blog Network, in order to provide this review.

This is the book that the world needs to read.  The world is searching for identity and meaning, in a world that lacks both so often.  Popular philosophy is unable to answer the questions that our aching hearts are asking.

Where do we find our identity?  Who am I?  We have been created for a purpose.  We have been created to commune with our Creator.  We will  never find what are heart aching for, until we find our identity in God.

Our hearts desire to be near to our Creator, and yet we are constantly being bombarded with the words of an impostor.  We are told that we are not good enough.  How could we ever hope to draw close to the Almighty.

Brennan Manning has left us a beautiful book, that encourages us to embrace our true identity.  We are the beloved child of an Almighty God.  We have been bought at a price, and God believes that we are worth what it has cost him.  This is an amazing book.  It would make an amazing study for personal or even group study.  It is a beautiful read.  Manning has manages to weave together an amazing picture of the relationship that God desires to have with each of his children.  I would strongly recommend this book to everyone, but especially for those who struggle to feel the deep love of our amazing God.  If you struggle to feel God's love or you don't feel worth of it, then you must read this book.

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