Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Book Review: Bringing Heaven To Earth J. Ross J. Storment

The world is broken.  It is not hard to see that nothing is as God had planned in Eden.  Many Christians tolerate the suffering around them, while dreaming of God's promise of Heaven.  There is nothing wrong when looking forward to that moment when God will set things right, but what if more is expected of us.  What if we may be all the Heaven that the suffering around us will ever see?  What if we are expected to live out God's restoration and redemption to the lost and forgotten around us?  
The promise of Heaven is more than something to receive when we die.  Heaven is that moment when God will set all things right.  What if we were called by God to cooperate in the renewing of the world?  Each mercy could be viewed as a tiny bit of Heaven brought to Earth.  How would our world change if we lived with Heaven's mindset?  If we sought to live in Heaven each day, then couldn't we touch hearts in a brand new way.
Western Christianity has grown exceptionally tame.  When looking at the history of the faith, devoted followers got their hands dirty.  The men and women who left a mark on the world around them, lived in a way that had the rest of the world asking them why.  From Moravian missionaries to Native Americans to the Booth's and the Salvation Army.  
If you look at the enormous mega-churches that surround us, then you may believe that we are really on the move, but when you hit our city streets you see an entire new reality.  How do we turn full pews into revolutionary world change?  We have to live Heaven today!  We need to confront injustice in the same way that Jesus would.  We cannot be so consumed with heaven as a future arrival, and live today like we are part of God's greater mission of redemption.
I began this with the mission of writing a book review.  It seems that I have wandered off a bit.  Josh Ross and Jonathan have asked many of the questions I have asked in the preceding paragraphs.  They have written a very challenging book for the church today.  It is sad that we could have these enormous churches and yet there may be hungry people a mere few blocks away.  The authors believe that Christians were called by God to step into that suffering.  Christians should be reaching out to bring the hope of God to the hopeless around us.  It could be a mission to reach sex workers, or bring freedom to victims of human trafficking.  If God will ultimately eliminate all this suffering, then shouldn't we work to bring relieve to the suffering around us in the name of Christ?  
I truly enjoyed this book.  It asks tough questions and calls Christians to action.  If we call ourselves Christians, then we have a mission from God to bring healing to the world.

I was provided a free copy of this book, in order to provide this review.

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