Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kim Davis and Other Thoughts From The Wilderness

I have tried for sometime to avoid the more controversial subjects.  I have people I care a great deal about that disagree with me, and out of respect I have tried not to use this medium as a soap box.  Many times soap box grand standing can be counter productive.  I also would hate to create ill feelings.  There are some things that I am just unable to keep from myself.
One of the cornerstones of America is the freedom of conscience.  I would argue that without the freedom of conscience, then the rest of our freedoms lose their power.  Another vital part of our countries greatness is the free thought.  There are many people who I completely disagree with.  I would urge them that they are mistaken, but when push comes to shove, I would lay down  my life in defense of their freedom to feel or think whatever they may.  Without that freedom of thought and  conscience then there is nothing unique about America.  Birthed in the midst of the enlightenment, America is and has always been a place of free thinkers. 
When did we kill the enlightenment?  I am not sure if it was in the name of political correctness, but at some point we have come to believe that their is a right way of thinking and that is the end of the story.  I understand that has always been the case, but it seems that disagreement is far more dangerous in today's culture.  If you are disagree with the majority, then you are not only wrong, but you are a monster.  In a democracy, conflicting points of view are tolerated for the good that comes from interaction between opposing view points.  While we may be liberals or conservatives, in the end we are Americans.  I would defend your right to an opposing viewpoint, and I could count on you for the same.
Now we come to Kim Davis.  This is the battle that never had to be fought.  There was a middle ground.  This issue could have been settled, and yet to some, this was an example that had to be made.  Some cannot be allowed to simply disagree, they have to be punished for not accepting the new normal.  The irony is the message parroted by so many, that it is not right to impose your religion on others.  I completely agree with you.  The prevailing culture has become some what like a religion.  If they fail to convert people to their religion, then they will use the force of law to do the same.   We can stake out our positions and allow one another to live in peace.  That is the proper way to handle disagreements in a  democracy.  That was never good enough.  An example had to be made.
You have been lied to and mislead.  The media has only told you half of the story.  In Rowan County, Kentucky, the clerk's name and title are on each and every marriage license.  Ms. Davis has asked that her name be removed.  Is it unreasonable that the person signing the license be the person whose name is on the license?  Is that so outrageous?  Another point to remember is that Ms. Davis did not simply deny same-sex couples licenses.  She has refused to issue any licenses, until an appropriate compromise can be reached.  A compromise where same-sex couples would be able to be married in Rowan County Kentucky, and Ms. Davis could recuse herself from that process.  Many other places in the country have already made accommodations.  Perhaps we could have the name and title of the person that is issuing the license name and title be included on the license.  In that way, no one would feel like they have endorsed or supported something that they are uncomfortable.  I am not sure why this is so unreasonable. 
Some have suggested that she should resign.  This is not appropriate remedy.  Will it now be a requirement for government service that you must support same-sex marriage?  What if we were to add some other litmus test to public service?  If we required judges to be pro-life or Christian, that would be just as unjust as requiring all public servants to support same-sex marriage.  We live in a world with a million different points of view.  If you would prefer a more homogenous mindset, then may I suggest North Korea.  If you value your own opinion, then you must be willing to allow others to hold their own.  Even if another person holds a view you find repulsive, then you must demand their right to hold even such a view.
Whether you believe that same-sex marriage is right or wrong, and you believe that freedom is precious, then I would hope you would support me in urging a compromise.  Many times a compromise is that borderline where neither of us is totally happy, but we each get a bit of what we were after.  I truly believe that a court of law will never be able to change a persons opinion.   We are American's.  Why would we try to force others to think in the same way we do?  There is always middle ground, and I am certain it can be found in this case.  True Americans should seek it.  The cultural Nazis of the left and the right should pipe down and let the sensible ones find it.

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