A Love Story

Everyone loves a good love story.  Even guys when they aren't around their buddies would confess to that.  You know the stories when a man and woman come together despite the odds.  She becomes all that she is meant to be in the gaze of her lover.  He becomes her champion and she becomes his queen.  There is passion and completeness.  They answer all the deep questions they have had about themselves in the eyes of the other.  The truth of the story is that never really happens.  We can spend our entire lives trying to find that one person that will answer those questions for us, and still end up empty and hollow inside.  Those questions were never meant to be answered by another person.  Those are the questions that have been etched into our hearts to point us to our one true lover.  The one who has been wooing us from our very beginning.  If we our honest, he has been wooing us from the very foundations of the world.  If we feel like we have found that special person that will be able to meet those deep needs that we have, then eventually we will come to find out that this person and no person will ever be able to touch us where we are hurt.  Another person will never be able to see and know those darkest regions of our soul.  We will come to find out that we have settled for something that will never fulfill us.

God has been seeking you out.  He longs to tell you that you are lovely.  He longs to fill those empty places of you.  He is the answer, when are not even sure what the question is.  He is the answer before the question has even been asked.  He has written a love note to you.  He has gazed into your eyes.  In you he sees his own image.  In you, he sees eternal value.  He longs to hold you close to him.  He wants to provide all that you desire in life to you.  He is a jealous God.  He can take you turning to another to fill the void that he has placed in you.  Augustine said that his heart was restless until he rested in God.  That is that feeling you have.  That loneliness even in the grasp of a love you believe to be so strong.  When you feel another lacking, it isn't that they are truly lacking.  The problem is that they are incapable of fulfilling the needs that you have brought to them.  They will do all that they can to make you feel lovely, but in the end they will never answer all the questions that you have brought to them.  God has called you his bride.  He wants to be the lover that you will never find apart from him.  Truly, until you have been a lover to God, then you will never be true lover to anyone else.

Love stories are good and fun.  God has written a love story into the heart of every person.  These love stories are mere reflections of a true love story.  The only real and true love story.  In that love story, you are the star.  God is the lover.  He desires for you to become captivated with him.  He wants for you to find all that you are in him.


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